2019 Tillman Scholar

Justin Gor

Texas A&M University

When you commit yourself to a life of service and learning, such as in medicine, what you can achieve for mankind will be greater than anything you do for yourself.”

Justin was first exposed to medicine when he started visiting his younger brother who was born with a congenital lung complication in the hospital. He was inspired by the relentless dedication that doctors, nurses and therapists provided his younger brother. When his brother was finally healthy enough to come home, Justin and his other siblings learned how to take care of his medical needs. At this young age, service to others had already become deeply ingrained into Justin’s life.

At 18, Justin enlisted into the military as a Navy corpsman. He was driven to serve those in harm’s way and was deployed twice with 3rd Reconnaissance Battalion, 3rd Marine Division. In addition to providing medical care, he taught hundreds of marines and local foreign nationals the basics of trauma management and had the opportunity to mentor junior sailors and marines. It was there that he discovered his passion for teaching and the impact of sharing knowledge. Although the experiences he gained as a corpsman are irreplaceable, he recognized the limitations of his training and decided to pursue higher education.

Now a student at Texas A&M College of Medicine, Justin continues to broaden his medical knowledge and experience. After obtaining his medical degree, he plans on returning to the military to continue serving those in harm’s way. He also intends to use his position as a physician and experiences gained in the military as a platform to teach medicine so that others can positively impact the people and communities around them.