2017 Tillman Scholar

Justin Davis

Northwestern University

“Vision and integrity must drive our future leaders.”

Justin joined the Navy in 1998 to “See the World,” inspired by the prior service of family members and their stories from abroad. After graduation from the U.S. Naval Academy and 15 years of commissioned service with partner nations, in combat theaters, and contingency operations, Justin has found a brotherhood and seen firsthand the results of organizations that champion teamwork, accountability, and vision. His choice of academic study was driven by a desire to find and incorporate external perspectives, which he brings from the Kellogg School of Management’s globally oriented Executive MBA curriculum. He readily applies the program’s unique insights as he looks at future challenges to the service, doing his part to sustain the vision and adaptation required to preserve and protect our nation’s freedoms.

Inspired by the exponential changes emerging in technology, organizations, and social systems, Justin looks forward to the opportunity to apply his leadership experience from the military and his academic worldviews gained through Kellogg. He seeks to help shape our future American way of life with the integrity and accountability he found so pervasive in service. He looks forward to involvement in disruptive technology and business to allow communities to experience the same cohesion, vision, and purpose he found in the military, by helping to create the means for individual economic independence and self-sufficiency to safeguard freedoms domestically which he has spent 15 years protecting abroad.