2010 Tillman Scholar

Josefien O’Regan

Air Force
University of Maryland
Ph.D., Physical Therapy

Raised within a military family, Josefien experienced the life many “military brats” grow accustom to. Moving from Europe to America placed a heavy transition on her family. The adjustment was even more when her father’s deployments took precedence. The honor, commitment, and sacrifices her father made in order to provide for his family are continuously valued in her daily life. Inspired by her father’s compassion and commitment to care, Josie sought out to find her own purpose and traveled to Ecuador while studying at the University of Maryland. Here, she provided medical support to the the Kichwua tribe, an indigenous tribe located in the Andes. Impacted by the warmth and the gratefulness the community had for her, Josie continued to provide care for others in a hydrotherapy program for children with developmental delays in Maryland. After graduating with her Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology, she began her journey through motherhood while stationed at Dover Air Force Based with her fiancé. Currently, Josie is a member of the Neurological Therapy and Sports Medicine departments at Bayhealth Outpatient Rehabilitation Center and continues to study towards a Doctorate of Physical Therapy.