2020 Tillman Scholar

Jennifer Moffatt

Military Spouse
University of Arizona

“Time can help you forget. Love leads to empathy. Education and advocacy brings knowledge and understanding to all. Knowledge and understanding opens the door to forgiveness of self and others.”

Jennifer is a proud mother of two children and the wife of a 22-year Navy veteran, who selflessly dedicated those years to serve in the Special Operations Forces community. She has experienced the challenges firsthand of enduring the arduous duty and service required of our warriors and the families that support them. Injuries sustained by her husband following an rocket-propelled grenade (RPG) attack while conducting maneuvers as part of Operation Iraq Freedom changed the trajectory of their family’s path forever.

The RPG attack left her husband significantly injured—suffering from both visible and invisible injuries—and his road to recovery has been long and difficult. However, with these burdens the Moffats realize there have also come blessings. Grateful for the dedicated professionals and selfless advocates who have blessed their lives and aided in their path of recovery, Jennifer now advocates for others in similar situations.

Jennifer’s advocating on behalf of veterans, their caregivers and their families connects them with Congressional leadership, community leadership and organizations committed to helping America’s heroes. She is pursuing an education in government and public service from the University of Arizona and she believes this academic and career path will help transform her dedication and commitment of advocacy into real-world solutions and changes.