2018 Tillman Scholar

Jennie Callahan

Colorado School of Mines
M.S., Engineering

“Security is not about having the best defenses or the largest arsenal. It is about having access to basic needs: water, nutrition and a healthy environment.”

Jennie was born and raised in Colorado but joined the Army at seventeen to travel the world and find adventure. She was lucky to have accomplished both of these, but also learned the value of community and commitment to duty. Serving as both a Military Police Officer and Criminal Investigator, Jennie sought to create a safe environment for society. During her 22 years of active duty, she provided assistance to those who needed it, ranging across several countries and cultures, during war, peace and the difficult middle ground of peacekeeping. This allowed her to see how people lived out of balance with the planet, causing lasting harm. Jennie sought to extend her support to the prevention of environmental decline.

After retiring from the Army, Jennie enrolled as an Environmental Engineer at the Colorado School of Mines. She recently completed her Bachelor of Science degree with a Humanitarian Engineering Minor and is pursuing a Master’s in the same field. Jennie’s primary focus of study involves the treatment of water and wastewater. She hopes to offer her services to communities through developing sustainable solutions to problems associated with drinking water and wastewater treatment. Her goal is to ensure all people have access to clean water and effective sanitation using the technical solutions that work best for them.