2015 Tillman Scholar

Jason Everman

Norwich University
M.A., Military History

“The human story was, for better or worse, forged by war. Military history is the history of humanity.”

After some digression during his early adulthood, such as working as a commercial fisherman in Alaska and touring Europe and the Americas as a professional musician, Jason enlisted in the Army at the age of 25. Joining the military taught Jason to do what will validate him internally, not externally; and not be a slave to “cool” and thinking for himself. The most important takeaway Jason received from the military service was a sense of camaraderie he developed with the the men and women that he served with. They became his family.

Having completed his undergraduate at Columbia University, earning a Master’s degree in Military History at Norwich University is part of a broad transition plan. Most appealing to Jason is becoming a writer, an academic, or both, his life’s path has been dictated as much by what he does not want to do as what he wants to do. During the course of his primary education, as well a his time at a small community college in Washington State and Columbia University, the teachers and professors who had real-world experience outside of the bubble of academia were the ones Jason found most compelling and engaged with the history of the world.

Upon completion of his post-graduate studies and transitioning to a role of an academic or educator, Jason aspires to have the same effect on his future students that his teachers and professors had on him. Jason hopes that his life experience of war, participating in history, adds a gravitas to lectures and writing that a purely theoretical education would not.