2018 Tillman Scholar

James Rolfing

University of Pennsylvania

“Service is a lifelong commitment that transcends circumstance and title. Though we take off the uniform, we never stop serving.”

Jamie grew up on a ranch in Montana and working as a backcountry trail guide. As a college graduate intent on improving the lives of others, he served as an Emergency Medical Technician in health clinics in his hometown, on Montana’s Blackfeet Indian Reservation, in Chicago’s inner city, in Kabul and remote regions of Afghanistan.

Having witnessed the great need in Afghanistan and the sacrifices our Soldiers make overseas, Jamie felt a strong responsibility to serve in uniform. During five years as an Infantry Officer and two deployments to Afghanistan, he was privileged to work alongside our nation’s finest warriors and developed a deep respect for their commitment to securing freedom. Leading Paratroopers and Rangers in combat formed Jamie’s leadership philosophy: leaders are servants first, and strive for humility as their distinguishing characteristic.

After returning to civilian life, Jamie served as a Disaster Response Team Leader at refugee camps in Croatia and Serbia, and with a public health project in Kenya. These experiences formed a commitment to providing medical care and crisis management where it is needed most.

As an Army Reserve Officer and medical student at the University of Pennsylvania, Jamie is preparing to serve military families, rural Montana and international communities as a physician. He believes soldiers, veterans and their families deserve the highest quality medical care, and desires to work in harsh environments where others cannot or will not go. He looks forward to applying his military experience and medical expertise throughout a life of service.