2019 Tillman Scholar

Jacob Trapp

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

“Success comes by viewing hardships, failures and scarcity of resources as opportunities and not impediments.”

Growing up in a small farming community, Jacob always knew he was destined for a higher purpose. The Sept. 11 terrorist attacks served as the wakeup call which would change his life. At seventeen years old, Jacob signed up for the Navy with a desire to join special operations and protect the homeland against those that wished to do it harm.

Throughout his sixteen year career, Jacob’s unique assignments have entailed constant adaptation to adversity, challenging his ability to provide on-demand solutions to complex problem sets while tailoring the ways and means utilized to meet national strategic goals. These experiences have motivated Jacob to be involved in multiple research and development projects with direct ties to mitigating hazards to operators on the battlefield. After the military, Jacob plans on taking the lessons he has learned from the military and start a company which brings industry leaders together and focuses on the rapid prototyping of life saving equipment for soldiers on the battlefield. Earning an MBA from MIT will not only afford Jacob the opportunity to continue evaluating these technological advancements, but also provide him with the leadership and business skills required to make this technology available.

Jacob holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Indiana University and continues to serve his country within Naval Special Warfare. After earning his MBA, Jacob plans on continuing to focus on enhancing technological advancements and capabilities throughout the military while taking on more significant leadership roles within his organization.