2019 Tillman Scholar

Jabulani Mzee

Florida Memorial University
B.S., Computer Science

“Exponential technology is changing the way we live. I build tech that helps people live meaningful lives.”


Becoming increasingly dissatisfied with the lack of productive opportunities in his environment, Jabulani knew he had to make change. On the heels of being expelled from school, he decided to join the Army as an infantryman, where his life began to change.

The military developed within him a sense of pride and purpose, traits that he would lean on as he sought to make a difference in the world. Even more, his first experience abroad made him appreciate the concept of self-determination, and led to an epiphany on the resources that awaited him back home.

After leaving the Army, Jabulani immediately utilized these resources to make a difference. He tutored and advised students at his local community college, and mentored the youth in his hometown.

Eventually, he realized the power of software would amplify his outreach. As a student at Florida Memorial University, he’s focusing on Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence, in hopes of deploying technologies that help people live meaningful lives.