2024 Tillman Scholar

Hillary Browning

Yale University

“Sometimes a veteran just needs one person to believe in them. As their legal advocate, I will ensure their issues are handled with respect and integrity.”

Born and raised in Texas, Hillary enlisted in the military on a dare from her father. Her high school had required all seniors to take the military entrance test, and then recruiters from various branches began calling her daily. To make them stop, she went to a Navy recruiting office. Under the impression that she would never actually join, but scared that they wouldn’t stop calling unless she played along, she answered their questions and accepted a job as a journalist. She went home that night and jokingly told her parents she was joining the military. Her dad looked at her and said, “You won’t do it.” She left for boot camp six weeks later. She was stationed in Japan and on the USS Eisenhower, and deployed to Afghanistan. 

After her service, Hillary was the first in her family to attend college. She transferred from community college to Yale University where she majored in political science with the hopes of going to law school. After graduating, Hillary worked for an educational non-profit, Service to School, that helps veterans apply to college and graduate programs. 

In law school, Hillary is involved in two clinics that assist veterans. She also serves on Service to School’s board of directors. From helping veterans apply to college to assisting them with their legal needs, she strives to care for the military community. Outside of law school, she likes to bake, cycle and rock climb.