2019 Tillman Scholar

Grete Lenz

Air Force
University of South Florida
MSN, Anesthesia

“Feel the fear and do it anyway – stand strong in the face of your fears and know you have the inner strength to succeed.”

Eager for adventure and change, Grete was awarded an Air Force ROTC scholarship to study Nursing at the University of Portland, Oregon. After commissioning and working as an active duty nurse, she was selected for the competitive Critical Care/Emergency Trauma Nursing Fellowship. Grete was the top academic performer and graduated from the fellowship ready to serve our Airmen.

After working closely with Nurse Anesthetists on the Intensive Care Unit and after having surgery herself, Grete was inspired to become a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA). Her deployment to Niger, Africa for six months in 2016 solidified her desire to care for patients in their hour of need.

Grete is currently enrolled in the Nurse Anesthesia program at the University of South Florida. She works daily with veterans at the VA Hospital, sometimes only getting mere moments to gain their trust before they have surgery. She says, “I let my patients know that I too am a veteran, and I too know what sacrifice it takes to serve.” Her career goal is to work as a CRNA at the Veterans Affairs hospital after graduation. Using the leadership skills she learned as an active duty officer, she wants to become an active member and leader for the Association of Veterans Affairs Nurse Anesthetists to promote quality, improve access to care and administer safe anesthesia to our nation’s veterans.