2015 Tillman Scholar

George Sondecker

Air Force
Harvard University

“I want to use my education and experiences to advance the benefits of aerospace technology.”

Joining the military out of a strong sense of national pride and an interest in military technology, George’s time in the Air Force has enabled him to develop as a technical leader and to pursue his passion for aerospace engineering. As a cadet, experiences building spacecraft at the Air Force Academy served as the foundation for leading an experimental satellite development program as an officer, where he and a team of junior officers developed two low-cost satellites for monitoring Earth’s upper atmosphere.

With his background in engineering and business, George aspires to be a leader in aerospace. He aims to expand access to the benefits of space technology by lowering launch costs, improving spacecraft affordability, and promoting research and exploration. While attending Harvard Business School, George works in mission management at Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX) and supports the Air Force Scientific Advisory Board as an executive staff officer.

In parallel with his goals in commercial space, George aspires to apply his education and skills in the public sector, serving in the Air Force Reserves and introducing youth to careers in science and technology as a volunteer with the Boy Scouts of America.