2024 Tillman Scholar

Galen Jones

Yale University

“Leadership and impact go hand in hand–if you fully commit to your principles, positive change will follow, often in ways you would never expect.”

Galen Jones is a Special Forces veteran and current scholar dedicated towards protecting and providing healthcare for those in conflict settings. Raised in the heart of Silicon Valley, Galen enlisted as a combat medic in the Army directly out of high school. His continued drive led him to earn a Green Beret in 2017. While stationed in Germany, he was deployed multiple times to the Baltics. Russia invaded Ukraine exactly one month after Galen left the Army. He immediately volunteered to travel to Ukraine with an international medical NGO, where he taught trauma medicine to internally displaced people. During two trips to Ukraine, Galen witnessed numerous issues in medical responses during humanitarian crises, directly inspiring him to pursue a career in humanitarian medical response. 

Galen is pursuing dual master’s degrees in Public Health and Business Administration at Yale University. He is currently researching safe implementation methods for telehealth services in conflict settings and techniques for evaluating attacks on healthcare infrastructure. Galen plans to use his academic experiences to mitigate the impact of conflict on healthcare.