2015 Tillman Scholar

Frank Hegr

Southern Methodist University

“I will be honored to accept the duty to secure their tomorrow by managing their future financial needs.”

Putting his graduate studies aside for duty to country and family, Frank joined the U.S. Army, deploying on four combat tours while learning to persevere through volatility, accomplishing the mission and overcoming adversity along the way. Wounded in Afghanistan by a suicide bomber, Frank learned the importance of preparing for the unexpected through training and thinking, maintaining war principles in his civilian life.

Wounds Frank received in combat forced him to end his military career, but not his commitment to his country and his fellow servicemen and women. Frank now looks in the direction of Finance as a means to continue his tradition of service to our country. With the goal of becoming a Financial Analyst, Frank continues to shift his focus from what he can’t do, to what he can do for his comrades, such as assisting military members in retirement and financial planning by managing funds in the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP).

Frank’s goal is to ensure the future of both active duty and retired service members by implementing a conservative, long-term investment strategy managed by former Soldiers, Airmen, Sailors and Marines who see military members as people, not sources of profit. As his career progresses, Frank plans to work towards becoming a fund manager for the TSP and volunteer his services to Veterans’ agencies, applying his education and training to support the financial interests of those in our military.