2021 Tillman Scholar

Fabersha Flynt

Military Spouse
University of Southern Mississippi

“My pain developed my purpose to teach and lead others to a place of solace…a place where their dreams would come to fruition and impact the world.”

After marrying Staff Sgt. Bryan A. Lewis in 2005, tragedy struck Fabersha’s life quickly, as Staff Sgt. Lewis was killed on March 13, 2006 during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Faced with the unknown, Fabersha fought through bouts of depression and anxiety to embrace her new normal. It was through the reaffirmation of her faith in God that she was able to walk through her loss and find her purpose in helping others in higher education. Since her revitalization, she has created a scholarship in memory of her late husband and founded an educational consulting firm geared towards helping institutes of higher education foster learning environments that value diversity and inclusion for marginalized students.

Through these avenues, she has made it her mission to help traditionally underserved and underrepresented students pursue their educational goals. Passionate about creating opportunities for the disenfranchised within higher education, Fabersha looks to use her knowledge and skills in a leadership position. It is within this context she hopes to change the trajectory of how higher education views and promotes diversity, equity and inclusion in student learning, faculty and staff retention, and leadership. By pursuing a doctorate in Higher Education Administration at the University of Southern Mississippi, Fabersha will use relevant scholarship and strategies to help give voice to the need for educational equality and its significance in providing “liberty and justice for all” within higher education and beyond.