2018 Tillman Scholar

Evan Foulke

Oregon Health and Science University

“I’ve seen the toll that trauma takes on victims and their families. As a trauma surgeon, I will be able to reduce the suffering from those traumatic events.”

Inspired by his older brother who was in 2nd Ranger Battalion, Evan was eager to serve his country and do his part in Operation Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom. He graduated from high school early to enlist in the Army where he became a Special Forces Medical Sergeant. In five years of active duty, Evan deployed to Afghanistan, Guatemala, and El Salvador where he participated in team missions as well as establishing and running remote clinics for local populations. Through these experiences, he treated a wide variety of trauma and medical patients, seeing everything from mass casualty events to malnutrition and scorpion stings. Ultimately, Evan decided to pursue his passions in the medical field and separated from the military to attend medical school at Oregon Health and Sciences University.

During his service overseas and in domestic hospitals, he witnessed firsthand the toll that trauma takes on victims and their families. Evan has chosen to devote his career to improving trauma care in multiple different settings and is currently an instructor for the Stop the Bleed movement, teaching basic trauma skills to community members.

As he finishes medical school, Evan plans to pursue a residency in general surgery and a fellowship in trauma surgery and critical care. Ultimately, he hopes to return to teach young medics at the Joint Special Operations Medical Training Course to give back to the special operations community.