2022 Tillman Scholar

Eric Snyder

University of Chicago
B.A., Economics, Religion

“There is no success in moving forward if it means leaving others behind. With a PhD in Economics, I hope to help develop the international economic community.”

Eric spent seven years of service in the U.S. Army as a special operations combat medic serving a combat deployment to Syria and Iraq as well as two diplomatic missions to Central America. During his service, Eric received high marks from his fellow teammates for his adaptability, subject expertise, and leadership abilities. As the lead medic of a Special Operations Resuscitation Team (SORT), Eric became the youngest member to complete the Regional Support Medic (RSM) course, served as the team weapons expert and search and rescue expert, and provided over 100 hours of training instruction.

After receiving a serious injury, Eric ended his career and began attending University of Chicago to receive his degree in Economics and Religious Studies. His experiences in Syria, Iraq, and Central America aiding in rebuilding infrastructure and providing humanitarian support fostered his passion for international economic development. Taking inspiration from Max Weber, Eric decided that combining the field of economics and religion would give him a unique perspective on economic development and help with his desire to develop infrastructure in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

Eric hopes to obtain his Ph.D. in economics and help foster international relationships by aiding in building infrastructure and trade agreements between the U.S. and emerging markets. He hopes to also build the strength of the local community by promoting diversity in business and creating opportunities for minority entrepreneurs.