2018 Tillman Scholar

Eric Hagen

Marine Corps
Creighton University

“To make the world a better place, we must save its most precious institution: Family.”

Following his graduation from the University of Nebraska, a deep-rooted desire to wear the uniform in service of his country led Eric to join the Marine Corps. As he developed as a leader and a learner, Eric had the opportunity to serve as a legal officer, quickly becoming fascinated by the complexities in case law history that have developed our country’s changing laws and policies over time.  

Following the sudden death of his wife in 2017, Eric chose to resign from the Marine Corps after nearly six years of service and relocate with his children to his hometown of Omaha, Nebraska, where he would pursue his passion by taking the steps to obtain a law degree.

Having a background working for several nonprofit organizations focusing on saving children and healing broken families, coupled with his late wife’s love of providing care to children and neglected teenagers, Eric’s dream has evolved to honor these noble aspirations. He plans to be an advocate for families and fight for the best interests of children in difficult cases such as neglect, relocation, abandonment, and abuse.

Through his personal and professional experiences, Eric understands the significance of families sticking together, and knows that while people are naturally strong and resilient, there comes a time where many will need assistance to survive. Although no longer wearing his nation’s uniform on a daily basis, Eric will remain in the fight, continuing to serve his nation and his community through compassion and care for its people.