2011 Tillman Scholar

Elizabeth Church

Military Spouse
University of Buffalo
M.S., Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

After the suicide death of my husband Paul, I decided to embark on a journey of healing and transformation. It was through a change in my career that led me on a new path towards healing. With the ever increasing epidemic of military suicide, I wanted to find answers for my own grieving process. I focused my training in Psychiatry so that I someday could help others in the military.  

For the past four years, I have been working with many veterans with PTSD, alcohol and drug addiction, depression and other co-morbid disorders in an outpatient setting. Most recently, I became a peer mentor for other military widows of suicide with Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors. I am looking forward to attending the 2016 TAPS Suicide Survivor retreat to help with others suffering from military suicide.

Grief is a life long journey, but changing it into triumph is what is healing. Being a Tillman Military Scholar allowed me, a veteran’s widow, to achieve that transformation. I look forward to see to see where this journey takes me.