2016 Tillman Scholar

Eli Feret

University of Chicago

“Common sense and ethical approach to management will be the foundation of my future career.”

Following in his father and grandfather’s footsteps, Eli’s passion to join the Army grew while studying at West Point during the escalation of Iraq and Afghanistan, training as an infantry officer, and leading soldiers in and out of combat. Learning that his generation’s challenges were not confined to the borders of Iraq and Afghanistan, Eli believes that his responsibility goes far beyond wearing the uniform and serving in our nation’s wars. He believes that duty is a daily commitment that requires discipline, focus, and endless personal growth.

Eli plans to combine his Army leadership background with the scientific study of business, to gain a breadth of experiences working in operations consulting, and to ultimately become a leader and reformer in national defense logistics. Witnessing many disconnects between leaders fighting to equip their units and bureaucratic military supply infrastructure, Eli believes that lessons from the modern business world can be applied to government finance and logistics to ensure efficient use of taxpayer dollars while equipping warfighters for the complex conflicts of the future.

Eli also experienced – both in his family and those he served with – the consequences when the loss of purpose follows the confusion and trauma of combat. Because of this, he is passionate about helping fellow veterans find purpose through continued service outside of the military.