2010 Tillman Scholar

Edward “Clark” Copelin

Emory University

Clark enlisted in the US Army in the wake of 9/11, attending basic training weeks after graduating from college. Joining as an enlisted man so he could go straight to Arabic language training, Clark excelled in his training programs for over two years before landing at the 10th Mtn Div, 3d BCT. After ten months at the 10th Mtn Div, Clark was invited to enter a Special Mission Unit wherein he deployed multiple times in support of the GWOT. After seven years and being selected for promotion to SFC, Clark decided that he was at a decision point in his career and that the time was ripe to return to the civilian world.

Enrolling in law school at Emory University, Clark sought to gain an education that would enable him to make a positive impact as a community leader back in his home state of Maine. Extending his graduate studies to also complete an MBA, life’s twists and turns landed Clark in New York City after graduation at the boutique investment bank of Allen & Company where he worked for a year as an Associate. 

His career has since focused on private investments in commercial real estate and now managing the financial functions of a family office. Outside of his day-today work pursuits, Clark has become a Term Member of the Council on Foreign Relations and a 2016 Marshall Memorial Fellow. Long term, Clark hopes to continue to succeed in finance and then use his experience and business contacts to run for public office or work in a cabinet level position, bringing a passion for bi-partisan decision making and a willingness to compromise and achieve results while respecting opposing points of view back to national politics.