2015 Tillman Scholar

Dino Mavrookas

University of Pennsylvania

“It is the ability to manage fear and move forward that separates the warrior class.”

With a passion to protect his family, American citizens and the world from terrorists in the aftermath of September 11th, Dino’s devotion to his country, while serving with the Navy, was reconfirmed in August 2011 when a terrorist attack on the U.S. military caused a helicopter to crash in Afghanistan, claiming the lives of 38 military personnel. Recognizing family’s support of their loved one’s choice to fight, and ultimately die, was extraordinary and inspires Dino to continue the legacy of his brothers that our country lost in action.

Throughout his years with the Navy, service has become a way of life for Dino, not ending when his military career does. Dino’s experiences while serving have allowed him to train SWAT units that would be called if an attack on America were to occur. Realizing the impact he can have on their readiness has motivated Dino to create an innovative security company that will revolutionize the training of law enforcement. Earning an MBA will allow Dino the ability to refine leadership skills while giving him the business acumen necessary to create and operate a company.

As Dino exits the military, he hopes to bridge the gap between this nation’s top warriors and its top universities. By working with the schools and the special operations community, Dino hopes to create a channel for enlisted military veterans to attend top programs while still on active duty, strengthening both the military veteran community and the individual operator.