2011 Tillman Scholar

Danny Cho

Harvard University

From a young age, Danny always had a passion in technology. Upon graduation with West Point’s “Class of 9/11,” he helped install the largest tactical communications network ever built and worked next to a bomb-defusing robot repair facility in Iraq. His service in the US Army was punctuated by amazing innovations and technology and after serving 6 years on active duty, Danny decided to separate from the Army and pursue his education at Harvard Business School.

With the goal to promote national security and public safety through technology, Danny searched for the most impactful and appropriate career path while at school. His classmates, fellow veterans, professors, friends, and family helped focus this passion and guided Danny towards technology startups. He now leads the business development team for a law enforcement startup in Manhattan.

Having the privilege to serve his nation in a time of war and the opportunity to learn among the brightest minds during business school, Danny has set his career’s direction. With a deep sense of gratitude and responsibility to all that have helped guide him, Danny hopes the pursuit of his passion results in a safer community and nation.