2020 Tillman Scholar

Cynthia Bejar

Military Spouse
University of Oklahoma

“As a future healthcare professional, I will advocate for a more personalized approach to medicine that individualizes patient care in ways that are more inclusive of underserved communities.”

Cynthia grew up in a large, tight-knit Hispanic family that imbued her with the importance of fortitude, unity and service. During her childhood, Cynthia followed her grandmother’s footsteps of serving others who did not have the financial means or access to medicine by using natural herbal remedies. Her grandmother’s example influenced Cynthia’s awareness about caring for others, which blossomed into a desire to pursue a career in healthcare.

As a daughter of Mexican immigrants, Cynthia understands the hardships immigrant communities face accessing healthcare and communicating effectively about their ailments with healthcare providers. As a physician, Cynthia plans to regularly serve uninsured populations at local community clinics. Her plan of care will not only provide medical care, promote health education and explain treatment plans, but also empower patients to ask questions and learn where to look for resources in their local communities.

Much of Cynthia’s volunteer work involves engaging in health initiatives to promote education in the community, as well as pioneering patient-centered companionship and literacy programs in healthcare settings. Cynthia is dedicated to serving communities through leadership, intellectual growth and patient care, while investing in younger students through mentorship. By serving her community whilst assisting future generations of underserved communities, Cynthia will continue to embody the examples set by her ancestors as she paves the way forward towards inclusive healthcare.