2024 Tillman Scholar

Corinna (Nina) Guerra

Marine Corps
The Chicago School
PsyD, Clinical Psychology

“I am dedicated to breaking down mental health barriers by bringing horses, veterans, and the community together.”

Nina’s enlistment in the United States Marine Corps was driven by her ambition to achieve academic and professional milestones while contributing to a greater cause. As an Intelligence Analyst, she devoted a decade to various three-letter agencies, offering support across Operations Enduring Freedom, Inherent Resolve, and Freedom’s Sentinel in Iraq and Afghanistan. 

Throughout this tenure, she encountered and persevered over adversity, displaying unwavering resilience in the face of challenge. Her military tenure instilled a profound appreciation for serving others and nurtured her passion for mentoring and counseling. Learning to navigate mental health considerations for service members, Nina embarked on a journey to pursue a doctoral degree in clinical psychology. Her dedication remains steadfast in serving others by promoting resilience with the human-horse connection. She aims to assist veterans in developing self-awareness and emotional intelligence through horsemanship training.

Drawing upon more than a decade of leadership and mentoring experience, Nina founded Rustic Ranch with a clear objective: to create a supportive space where veterans could address emotional triggers, embrace healthy coping strategies, and foster a sense of community rooted in growth and camaraderie. Nina’s vision is to provide therapeutic support and encourage veterans to build meaningful connections and thrive post-service.