2022 Tillman Scholar

Christopher Wilson

Marine Corps
University of Chicago
Masters of Curatorial Studies

“Serving in the Marine Corps is not temporary. It is a lifetime achievement that allows me to use my skills in other capacities after graduating from Princeton and Yale.”

In 2012, Christopher joined the United States Marine Corps with the hopes of filling his life with a sense of purpose. Little did he know he would receive so much more. The Marines taught Christopher how to be the courageous and inspirational character he is today. After some tragic losses, Christopher learned that life is not guaranteed and that we should all make the most of it while we can. This led to a desire for education and a drive to both prove himself and make meaningful impacts on those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for their country and the families they belonged to.

During his service, his now-husband inspired and motivated him to begin a college education. This led to a simple associate degree that inspired a Bachelor of Arts degree from a prestigious university: Princeton University. He is currently receiving a Master’s of Archaeology from Yale University and plans to attend the University of Chicago in the fall of 2022.

Recently, Christopher was able to combine his service and educational experience by performing an archaeological extraction of service member remains in Poland. He hopes to graduate from the University of Chicago with a Master’s of Curatorial Studies and start an archaeological firm aiming to find and retrieve the lost remains of service members abroad. By bringing home the remains of lost mothers, fathers, sons, brothers, family, and friends, he hopes to bring closure to those whose hopes may be lost or forgotten.