2018 Tillman Scholar

Christine Argueza-Prince

University of North Carolina
M.S., Public Health

“As the U.S. continues to lead humanitarian engagements around the world, I hope to reinvigorate the role of global public health in the military as a platform for health diplomacy.”

Christine understood the significance of public health early on in her childhood. She was exposed to the impacts of typhoons, low crop yields, and economic disparities that divided her small Filipino farming community. At thirteen, she immigrated with her family to California. Learning her identity as both Filipino and American became the anchor to her aspirations.

In 2003, she enlisted in the U.S. Army as a Preventive Medicine Specialist. While continuing to pursue higher education, she was selected into the Green to Gold program, subsequently earning her B.A. in Biology and a commission as an Environmental Science and Engineering Officer (ESEO) in 2010.

As a young lieutenant in her first assignment with the 82nd Airborne Division, Christine was charged with protecting the health of 4000 members of the International Security Assistance Force. She advised commanders on mission-relevant diseases and environmental hazards, in addition to developing ways to restore the public health infrastructure of the Afghan people. At this juncture, she learned the significance of health diplomacy and her niche in weaving global public health into the fabric of military operations. She will attend the The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill to earn her Master of Science in Public Health and subsequently her Doctor of Public Health degree. She hopes to someday evolve the Department of Defense’s strategic priorities to ensure that the U.S. remains the leader in comprehensive and effective global public health engagements.