2017 Tillman Scholar

Charlotte Burnett

University of North Carolina

“I want to build human capital in a business that seeks to drive change and questions the status quo.”

As the second oldest of nine children, Charlie always felt it was important to be a part of something larger than herself.  Charlie recognized Army ROTC at Wake Forest University as an opportunity to join one of the greatest teams in the world.  After graduating college, Charlie was stationed at Fort Bragg, NC where she served four years as a Human Resources Officer in the U.S. Army Special Operations Command.

As the Human Resources Officer in an organization that continually deploys hundreds of soldiers across ten countries in the Pacific Region, Charlie discovered her passion for managing human capital and building organizations.  It is much more than putting the right person in the right position.  Charlie realized the value of leveraging the Army’s greatest asset: our people.  Charlie is pursuing her Master of Business Administration to further develop her passion of shaping organizations through expertly crafted human dynamics.  Charlie believes business has the power to drive change, but behind that change is always people—people making decisions and questioning the status quo.

Charlie is passionate about women integration in the Army and creating equal opportunity within the military.  As the founder of the Fort Bragg Women’s Mentorship Network, Charlie quickly learned that managing human capital is essential to closing the gender gap.  As a female veteran, she wants to use her skills as a Human Capital Consultant to create her own Human Capital Consulting firm that advises Fortune 500 companies to build women capital and create global leaders.