2019 Tillman Scholar

Charles Long

Columbia University

“The highest calling a person can have is to place the needs of others before their own. Caring for our servicemember’s health is my life’s passion.”

Following his commissioning from West Point, Charles served as an officer in the United States Army, deploying to Afghanistan and the Republic of Korea. During this time, Charles developed a distinguished propensity to build teams while putting the needs of others before his own.

Along his journey, Charles observed how the highest standards of health care can have a lasting impact on our nation’s service members and their families, most notably after watching one of his best friends undergo life-changing head and neck surgery. This experience, and many like it, helped Charles discover his vocation – to serve as a health care professional in the U.S. Army.

Charles used his leave time in the Army to work alongside healthcare professionals in underserved areas of the United States and around the globe. While exploring the multiple branches within the health care community, Charles determined his talents would be best employed as a dentist. Following a post-baccalaureate program during his active duty time, Charles attained the prerequisites necessary for dental school. He was subsequently admitted to Columbia University College of Dental Medicine. From there, he hopes to pursue an oral surgery residency in the U.S. Army upon graduation in May 2021.