2018 Tillman Scholar

Chantel Charais

Duke University
DNP, Acute Care

“I have the opportunity to heal the mind, body and spirit of those who have chosen to dedicate their life to something bigger, and there is no greater honor.”

Service to others and to the community has been a driving force in Chantel’s life since she was a child.  Her mother and father were both actively involved in numerous aspects of their small, rural community which resulted in Chantel becoming a volunteer Emergency Medical Technician at 16 years old. She immediately felt a calling to help others during life-saving moments and realized her passion to serve as a critical care/trauma nurse. During her junior year of high school, September 11 occurred and Chantel felt compelled to contribute to the mission to protect the freedom of her nation by helping to care for those who serve.    

As an active duty nurse and spouse to a Marine Corps veteran, Chantel has experienced firsthand numerous aspects of sacrifice and dedication. As a critical care nurse, she has personally faced moments where the decision she had to make in a split second impacted the life of another human. Chantel is now pursuing her Doctorate of Nursing Practice in Acute Care at Duke University to continue making an impact in the lives of our nation’s heroes, including active duty service members, veterans and their families alike during their greatest times of need. By continuing her career as a nurse practitioner, she hopes to optimize safe, quality patient care through evidence-based practice in increasingly complex care settings including today’s ever-evolving military environment. Chantel hopes to continue to play a vital role in Navy Medicine by mentoring nurses and Corpsmen and improving care through policy.