2012 Tillman Scholar

Chad Waltz

Air Force
Arizona State University

Chad graduated from Arizona State University’s MSW program with clinical rotations through the Phoenix VA. Chad is a 16-year military police veteran from three branches of service, dating from Desert Storm and Somalia with the Navy to OEF/Afghanistan deployments with the Air Force. Additionally, he served as a civilian police officer for 18-years before retiring and transitioning into mental health. Chad passionately embraced mental health after his own Officer Involved Shooting (OIS) and losing family/veterans to the epidemic of veteran suicide. Chad is now a licensed therapist at the Vet Center, offering individual and family counseling for combat veterans and those afflicted with Military Sexual Trauma (MST). He conducts individual/family intake assessments, engages in both individual and Marriage and Family Therapy through CPT, CBT, CBCT modalities for reduction of symptoms stemming from polytraumatic combat-related incidents. He also facilitates an OIF/OEF combat support group. He has worked extensively with First Responders in response to OIS/CISM debriefs, development and implementation of First Responder’s roles in addressing veterans in crisis, and individual counseling for Officers in the aftermath of trauma. 

Engagement and extensive collaboration with various community mental health providers and stakeholders such as Soldier’s Best Friend, Healing Heroes, Active Heroes: Arizona, Operation Freedom Bird, EMPACT/Terros, Merritt Center, Glendale Veteran’s Chamber of Commerce, and Arizona Coalition of Military Families. He has presented or co-facilitated for numerous civilian law enforcement and community mental health programs on the services of Vet Center and to provide psycho-education on Post-traumatic Stress, symptomatology/survivor guilt, suicide awareness and meta-analysis of such, readjustment challenges, psychiatric medications, and therapeutic modalities.