2015 Tillman Scholar

Carrie Murdock

Marine Corps

“My motivation is to pass along what I have learned in order to help those still struggling.”

With a desire to be part of something bigger than herself, Carrie entered the U.S. Naval Academy at 18 and upon graduation joined the U.S. Marine Corps, seeking to make her life more meaningful and impactful. In the military, she learned how essential every member of a team is in order to accomplish every mission. After sustaining career-ending injuries, however, Carrie became isolated from the military community that had been much more than a job – it was her calling. She struggled to find a new course for her life outside of the service.

Today, Carrie’s career-ending injuries coupled with her daughter’s onset seizure disorder, have given her a greater understanding of how brain injuries and other wounds are all encompassing, touching every aspect of a veteran’s life and often devastating families. With this firsthand knowledge, she is now pursuing her law degree at Texas A&M University with a specialization in criminal and family law. As a legal advocate, she hopes to better serve communities of injured and struggling veterans, helping them find their voice and a new sense of purpose as she has done.