2019 Tillman Scholar

Carl Min

Harvard University

“The value of service before self that I learned while in the Navy will continue to define me as I pursue a career in technology law and policy.”

The son of first-generation Korean immigrants, Carl felt a deep sense of civic duty to serve his country, which led him to join the U.S. Navy. During his ten years of military service, Carl served in various roles on nuclear power prototype platforms, both as an enlisted sailor and as a naval officer. Through these roles, Carl had the honor of working with some of America’s brightest service members, learning lifelong lessons in servant leadership, sacrifice and devotion to service.

Carl’s experiences serving made him acutely aware of the power of information and technology. He became increasingly concerned with the methods through which new technology, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, were revolutionizing how information is used and commoditized. This concern for information disparity and the disproportionate effects it may have on specific socioeconomic demographics in America sparked a desire in Carl to become more involved in addressing the legal ramifications these technologies have on our society.

Carl now attends Harvard Law School where he continues to build upon the lessons he learned while in the Navy, working with the city of Boston on local autonomous vehicle regulation and advising start-ups on integrating innovation with ethical restraint. Carl hopes to pursue a career exploring emergent technology law and policy to ensure they are conducive to protecting the rights and liberties all Americans expect to enjoy.