2012 Tillman Scholar

Bryce Bodell

University of Arizona

With ambition that far outweighed his resources, Bryce knew that service to his country would teach him more about himself and the world in which he lives than anything else he could imagine. Therefore, in May of 2001 he enlisted in the United States Army and took the path to become a Ranger in 1st Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment. He completed his initial training shortly after the events of September 11th, catapulting him into a series of experiences that would ultimately teach him the true meaning of camaraderie and service to something far greater than himself.

On March 4th of 2002 three of his fellow Rangers fell during a rescue mission that exemplified the very essence of honor and sacrifice. Shortly afterward, his unit sent him to EMT school, which surfaced a passion he had never before known. Deeply inspired by the sacrifices made by his fallen comrades, and by the humility he learned through seeing humanity at its most raw, he decided to pursue medicine and dedicate his life to giving back. 

Equipped with these inspirations he pursued his undergraduate degree at Arizona State University, after which he went on to complete his MD at The University of Arizona College of Medicine. He is now completing his radiology residency at the Medical College of Wisconsin and aims to extend his training to become an interventional radiologist. With this skill set, he plans to provide life-saving minimally invasive procedural services to those who need it most.