2016 Tillman Scholar

Brian Bertges

University of Maryland

“My service started with an oath, but continues for a lifetime.”

Learning from his Marine Corps veteran father to always take care of others, Brian made the single best decision of his life and enlisted in the United States Army, providing him with discipline and motivation to not only accomplish his goals but serve his community. During his time in the service, Brian pushed himself while advocating for others through his leadership and mentorship to fellow soldiers. Learning from his father and through the military that alone we can make a difference, but as a community we can move mountains, Brian’s service started with an oath but continues for a lifetime.

Holding jobs in public service for over 10 years, including public education and the veterans’ space, have inspired Brian to pursue his Master’s Degree in Public Management with plans to make change as a nationally elected official. Upon earning his Bachelor’s degree from Pennsylvania State University, Brian joined Teach for America and witnessed firsthand the achievement gap between the low-income and high-income students, inspiring his interest in social justice and policy reform. With his degree Brian plans to look for ways to collaborate between private and public entities, and eventually making a difference in an elected position.