2023 Tillman Scholar

Barclay Jones

Stanford University

“Innovation in the defense sector has typically increased combat lethality. I believe the next generation of technology will reduce casualties and externalities from conflict.”

Barclay Jones was born in New York, N.Y. and attended the University of Pennsylvania where he majored in International Relations. During a language immersion program he met a few Green Berets who inspired him to follow their path. Shortly after graduation, Barclay enlisted in the U.S. Army on a Special Forces contract and earned his Green Beret in 2016. He deployed to Jordan in support of Operation Inherent Resolve and to Egypt as part of a 127e counterterrorism program focused on defeating ISIS. 

During his time deployed, he saw how technological innovations were able to lower collateral damage from operations and became excited about the opportunities to reduce the human cost of conflict.  He seeks to use this education to develop the technical expertise and the business acumen required to develop and scale the next generation of defense technology products. He strives to create these tools so that he can help reduce human suffering in all communities affected by conflict.