2023 Tillman Scholar

Bailey Weis

Marine Corps
Liberty University
Ph.D., Exercise and Sports Science

“I see you. Training. Sacrificing. Misunderstood. Told you don’t belong. Aiming towards goals no one has accomplished…yet. Trailblazing is lonely, but you’re not alone. I see you…and I will help.”

Following her athletic career playing soccer at the University of Georgia and in the Women’s Soccer League (WSL) for the Atlanta Silverbacks, Bailey joined the U.S. Marine Corps to continue her goals of being a part of a greater purpose. Enlisting prior to women being allowed to serve in combat careers, she volunteered for an experimental study determining if women could physically meet combat requirements. In 2014, she graduated from the infantry training battalion (ITB) as one of the first female 0311 rifleman, although still unable to join the infantry at the time. 

As an AV-8B avionics technician and maintenance controller, she served overseas in Operation Odyssey Lightning in 2016. Following deployment and the lift of the female combat ban in 2016, Bailey decided to attend Marine Corps Special Operations (MARSOC) Assessment and Selection in 2018 and became the first woman to complete the course. 

She was recognized nationally, internationally, and by the commandant of the USMC, General Robert B. Neller. After her enlistment in the Marine Corps, she commissioned in the Army National Guard. Bailey then earned her M.B.A. from the University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill in 2021 and is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in exercise and sports science from Liberty University. Her passions reside in optimizing human performance for our country’s most elite warfighters, specifically, female integration into military special operations. 

As a human performance specialist, athlete, and mother of two boys, she presently works with women in tactical organizations to optimize their performance in order to achieve their highest potential. This includes women looking to join the military, mothers returning to duty, and specifically those looking to break into special operations.