2021 Tillman Scholar

Ashley Love

Air Force
University of Buffalo

“As a lawyer, I will provide legal services to families torn apart by domestic violence, helping give a voice to those too afraid to speak.”

Seeking opportunities to grow and lead others, Ashley’s military career began at the United States Air Force Academy. While there, Ashley discovered her passion for studying law. Ashley commissioned in 2009 and was stationed at Malmstrom Air Force Base as a Security Forces officer. In 2011, she transitioned to the New York Air National Guard and cross-trained to the cyberspace operations career field. In 2017, Ashley deployed to Kuwait, leading an outstanding team of communications professionals through a challenging six-month tour.

Currently, she serves as the Commander of the 107th Communications Flight. For over six years, Ashley was in an abusive and controlling marriage. The shame, isolation, and fear that she experienced only ended when an old friend helped her to escape the relationship. As a result, her passion for law that developed while at the Academy has transformed into a desire to help other survivors of domestic violence.

Her dream of attending law school is now a reality, as she is a student at the University at Buffalo School of Law. Following graduation, she plans to provide access to free legal representation for members of her community in the family law and domestic violence areas. More than anything, Ashley is passionate about not wasting her experiences and instead using them to help others rebuild their lives. Through her work, she hopes to be able to give a voice to those too afraid to speak.