2015 Tillman Scholar

Anthony Saffier-Ewing

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

“New medical technology is the best way to harness my passion for improving people’s lives.”

As the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan intensified, Anthony felt a distinct calling to serve and enlisted in the Army as a medic to help other service members in their most critical hour of need. The loss of several close friends in Afghanistan inspired Anthony to help others by improving medical technologies used on and off the battlefield.

At MIT, Anthony is now pursuing his MBA with a focus on medical entrepreneurship. He seeks to apply his leadership, medical, and decision-making skills from the military to an entrepreneurial healthcare setting for the benefit of veterans and the broader population. He is driven by the belief that one of his friends would be alive if specific tourniquet technology had been made available earlier, and is intensely focused on making new treatments and devices available faster. Still actively serving, he is working with two ophthalmologists, a Nobel Laureate chemist, and his R&D section to validate and field a substance that provides vast improvements when removing particulates from the eye. This capability will vastly improve his colleagues’ ability to operate in austere environments.