Tillman Scholar

Anthony Johnson

Northern Illinois University
Northern Illinois University Ph.D., Health Sciences

Growing up on Chicago’s south side in a low-income housing project amidst crime and violence, as high school graduation neared Anthony knew he did not want to become a product of his environment but rather do something meaningful, resulting in him joining the Army. Channeling a high level of respect and dedication for opportunities earned and individuals he represents, Anthony promised himself to go above and beyond to make sure that he represents the body of people who paid the ultimate sacrifice as best as he could. It was through his six years of military experiences in seeing some of his fellow soldiers struggle with PTSD as well as a close family member’s struggles with mental health that Anthony started looking into what PTSD was and how it affects one’s thought patterns and the concept of non-military PTSD.

Enrolled at Northern Illinois University, Anthony will be studying to complete a Ph.D. in Health Science, doing his dissertation on the association of crime in Illinois and mental health with a focus on non-military PTSD with the hopes of using the study to offer alternative views and resolutions into the psychosocial dynamics of conflict resolution in Chicago. Anthony’s main objective in his pursuit of the Ph.D. in Health Science degree is to put himself in a position to assist in the materialization, advancement, and overall progression of issues and disparities that adversely affect our communities. With his life’s experiences thus far, Anthony has been provided with the internal passion and sense of purpose that will ultimately aid him in understanding and advancing.