2012 Tillman Scholar

Anna Lopiccolo

Military Spouse
University of Maryland
M.A., Mass Media

The first time Anna heard a friend describe Navy submarine service and its demanding schedule for both the active duty member and his/her family, she thought, “I could never do that”. Then she met her future husband and submariner, Joe. “Never say never” has been her adopted axiom ever since.

In 2010, the Navy moved the couple from Hawaii to Washington D.C. where Anna enrolled in the multi-platform journalism master’s degree program at the University of Maryland, College Park. The goal: to strengthen and update her journalism skills – she has a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Northwest University – in a rapidly changing field. A graduate assistantship with UMD’s Veteran Student Life office gave Anna the chance to witness and support veterans and military spouses furthering their education.

Anna earned her in a master’s degree in 2012, and she and Joe have since moved from D.C. to the Seattle area via Connecticut. Her degree directly led to her current job as the multimedia editor for Northwest Catholic magazine and website. With Joe continuing as an active duty submarine officer and the couple welcoming their first child in May 2015, it can be challenging for Anna to do much beyond juggling a full-time job, a small child and Navy commitments. She has snuck in some time for service through their church and submarine Family Readiness Group. Anna counts herself lucky to have found a job in her chosen career field that is also flexible for Navy and family demands. And she looks forward to pursuing further service opportunities now that Joe just transitioned from sea to shore duty.