2014 Tillman Scholar

Anna Chai

Columbia University

“Personal experiences have led me to dedicate my time volunteering with wounded warriors and continuing to serve veterans.”

A pseudo- Army brat whose siblings have all served in the military, Anna Chai is a former Army Signal Corps Captain that believes that the little moments define a leader. As a freshman at NYU, Anna saw the second Twin Tower collapse on 9/11 which confirmed her desire to continue in ROTC and commission as an officer. During Anna’s deployment to Iraq, she ran the strategic communications network and volunteered with the Iraqi Boy Scouts. After returning home, Anna worked at Deloitte where she was able to volunteer with various Wounded Warrior programs. With a desire to serve veterans, Anna is pursuing her MBA at Columbia Business School so that she can bring innovative solutions to Veteran Affairs. It is with this education and experience that Anna hopes to increase the overall quality of services rendered to veterans.

Anna’s service as an Army Signal Corps officer helped her develop an acumen for strategic communications in the most challenging environments. Her studies will continue as she earns her MBA, which will give her the tools necessary to help bring business solutions to the Department of Veterans Affairs.