2015 Tillman Scholar

Ann Toews

Princeton University

“I am only as effective as the people who surround me. Nothing can stand in the way of cohesive teams.”

Ann joined the Army based on a deep-rooted desire to serve her country in a meaningful way. Her work in Afghanistan and at US Army Africa fueled an ambition to improve US assistance to fragile states. From her front row seat on issues ranging from the local Afghan economy to the Ebola crisis, Ann came to appreciate the relationship between security and development in US foreign policy. While stationed in Europe, she established an enduring partnership with an Italian unit to serve the local community and coordinated multinational training events.

Inspired by her work with foreign partners and her participation in the Marshall Center’s Program on Terrorism and Security Studies, she looks forward to contributing to unified, bottom-up solutions in conflict-prone states. Now, driven by a desire to find effective interagency approaches to challenges of poverty, insecurity, and corruption, she is pursuing a Master of Public Affairs from Princeton’s Woodrow Wilson School, specializing in international relations.