2024 Tillman Scholar

Andrew Zahn

University of Cincinnati

Inspired by a call to service from witnessing American military service through his family and the media, Andrew entered the Army as an explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) officer after commissioning in 2014. He served in Afghanistan alongside US and Afghan special operations forces in 2017 as an EOD technician. The impact of his EOD duties coupled with the dedication of medical professionals treating his injured teammates, cemented his ambition to transition into healthcare. 

Now a medical student, Andrew applies the same discipline and resourcefulness honed in the military to his studies and research. He is involved in pioneering projects that integrate artificial intelligence into medical education, aiming to enhance learning. By helping pave the way for the use of this rapidly evolving technology, he is contributing to its responsible integration into the medical profession. Andrew’s experiences in areas touched by war and military conflict gave him an acute understanding of the challenges faced by those with limited access to healthcare. 

This has driven his dedication to serving in the emergency room, often the first—and sometimes the only—point of contact for individuals seeking medical care. He is committed to providing exceptional care and ensuring that all individuals, no matter their circumstances, are met with the empathy and expertise they deserve.