2021 Tillman Scholar

Andreas Jackson

Stanford University

“I joined the Navy to fight for our nation’s rights. As a lawyer, I will advocate for the rights of our nation’s people.”

Andreas began his military service with an education steeped in moral integrity, servant leadership, and academic excellence from the United States Naval Academy. In 2014, Andreas commissioned as a naval surface warfare officer, nuclear. Meeting his first ship on deployment in the Pacific Fleet, Andreas immediately took responsibility for a division of sailors managing his warship’s offensive and defensive tactical capabilities.

Andreas then completed the Naval Nuclear Propulsion program’s arduous training pipeline before specializing in nuclear reactor operations onboard aircraft carriers. Hand-selected for a position typically reserved for nuclear-trained officers with many years his senior, Andreas was recognized as an expert operator and mentor within his field. Departing his last ship after an extended deployment, Andreas reported to the Pentagon working directly for the director of surface warfare on the chief of naval operation’s staff. There, he researched, audited, and participated in defense budget decisions that will impact the Navy’s surface fleet readiness to win the great power competition fight.

Every decision Andreas makes is driven by his desire to help others. Andreas’ passion for service is matched only by his fervor for justice. It is the unification of these passions that compelled Andreas to pursue a Juris Doctorate. Andreas believes that his path to future service as a federal prosecutor will afford him the opportunity to truly impact positive change in other’s lives.