2016 Tillman Scholar

Andrea Goldstein

Tufts University
M.A., Law and Diplomacy

“Inclusion of women is in a nation’s self-interest: security increases when drawing from 100% of talent.”

The granddaughter of Jewish refugees who fled persecution in Germany, Poland, and Russia, Andrea grew up educated, and free to practice her faith, never once considered anything other than American. An obligation to uphold the American ideals that made this possible and a sense of civic duty led her to join the Navy upon graduating from college. As an officer, she spent nearly seven years of active military service in naval intelligence, including three years with Naval Special Warfare. In that role, she was able to draw attention to challenges faced by other female service members that her male peers were unaware of, but were happy to resolve. This experience led her to shift her focus of public service from broad admiration for American ideals to a strong conviction that the U.S. can and should lead the way when it comes to empowering women to lead, particularly in non-traditional fields.

As she now pursues her Master’s in Law and Diplomacy at Tufts, Andrea believes that inclusion of women is in a nation’s best self-interest: security increases when drawing from 100% of a nation’s talent. Over time, she also believes that social equality will grow from service in the armed forces as marginalized populations have the opportunity to prove themselves indispensable while risking life and limb. Long term, she hopes to develop a framework to influence policies that will improve women’s status internationally. By leading a non-profit organization, she believes she can combine her practical experience with research and knowledge of policy and organizational practice to empower women to lead in fields where women are underrepresented.