2021 Tillman Scholar

Andrea Filozof

University of North Carolina

“Some of the darkest moments we experience drive us most powerfully to demand change.”

Andrea first entered the Army in 2010 after graduating from the United States Military Academy. Shortly after completing training as a military intelligence officer, she heard about a call for female service members to accompany all-male units in Afghanistan as part of the Cultural Support Team (CST) program. She immediately applied to join the program and was among the first group of volunteers selected to deploy with the U.S. Army’s Special Operations Command.

Following her time as a CST, Andrea joined the Civil Affairs Regiment. While serving as a CA officer, she and her husband suffered the unexpected loss of their first child. The lack of knowledge and support surrounding pregnancy loss compelled her to take action to change the status quo. She transitioned to the Army Reserve, completed her medical school prerequisites, and teamed up with Star Legacy Foundation to start a local chapter that provided hospitals and families with free resources to cope with the aftermath of pregnancy loss.

As a University of North Carolina medical student and future physician, Andrea aspires to reduce the social stigma around openly discussing pregnancy loss and ultimately hopes to prevent this tragedy from occurring as much as possible.