2024 Tillman Scholar

Amy Sexauer

Harvard University
Masters of Divinity

“Through chaplaincy and the arts I want to assist others in exploring and creating meaning that will help them to navigate the joys and trials of their lives.”

Amy grew up an Army brat traveling all over the world. While she was always inspired by her father’s military service, it wasn’t until the September 11th attacks during her freshman year of high school that she decided to pursue the military. Amy attended the United States Military Academy at West Point and was commissioned initially as a Military Police Officer. She later transitioned to Psychological Operations where she spent the majority of her career. 

Amy has deployed multiple times throughout the Middle East, including a deployment as a member of the pivotal Culture Support Team program. After her daughter was born, Amy transitioned to the Army Reserves where she served as an instructor for the Psychological Operations Course at the Special Warfare Center and School. After leaving active duty, Amy joined the nonprofit sector. She volunteered with multiple Veteran Service Organizations that worked to help veterans transition to civilian life. She was also the Executive Director for the Dreams 4 All Foundation. 

Throughout her time in the military and in the nonprofit world, Amy became interested in the ways in which people manage stress, navigate crises, build relationships, and create meaning in their lives. Amy is currently a graduate student at the Harvard Divinity School where she is studying literature and religion in the pursuit of becoming an interfaith chaplain. Amy is a poet, a writer, and an avid reader of fiction. She is a mother to her six year old daughter and two dogs.