2017 Tillman Scholar

Alicia Jacquet-Morrison

Indiana University
M.S., Environmental Science

“By working to unite people through our shared resources, I hope to be a leader for the greater global good.”

Motivated by her childhood experiences in sports, Alicia connected with the idea that the military was a team and that she could be part of doing something meaningful in the world. Inspired by Pat Tillman and others who joined the military in the wake of the September 11th attacks, she shared their desire to serve her country and help others.

Alicia had the opportunity to serve in Afghanistan, South Sudan, and Jordan. Throughout these experiences, Alicia was struck by how similar people were across the globe. Ultimately, she learned that communities seek the same things no matter where they are: clean water, fresh air, freedom to prosper, and security for their children.

Now back home in the Midwest and serving in the Army Reserves, Alicia is pursuing a Master of Public Affairs and a Master of Science in Environmental Science with a concentration in water management. She hopes that by working on cooperative international policies, she’ll be able to ensure that every person has access to clean water wherever they are.