2012 Tillman Scholar

Alex Brown

Georgetown University

Fed by a desire to challenge himself, to serve, and to fly, Alex entered the Army as an Aviation Officer in 2001. After supporting ground forces as an Apache Pilot in Afghanistan, he left his dream job after five years and assessed for the Special Forces, becoming a Green Beret Detachment Commander and deploying again; this time to Iraq. The next five years enhanced his love of leadership and organizational development.

Alex decided to transition careers again and pursued an MBA at Georgetown University in order to gain an understanding of how the business world operates. After graduation he began work at a Telecom company in Colorado. He quickly noticed a lack of focus throughout the business world on developing people and teams. Given the culture of development in the Army that built his leadership philosophy, Alex felt a duty to help his organization create an environment of leadership, and personal growth. After years of various business roles, it is now his responsibility to embed an ethos of leadership and professional development in his company’s culture.

Alex has found his sense of purpose outside the military in helping people through organizational change, and an institutional focus on building leaders, and professionals.